Shipping industry is a global community which transports 90 per cent of world’s trade. As an established organization, Sahi Oretrans Pvt Ltd takes pride in being part of this global community. The seed of the company sowed by a young group of enterprising and ambitious shipping professionals from ‘SAHI’ family nearly four decades ago, has reaped a rich harvest called “Sahi Oretrans Pvt Ltd” and has grown over the years into a reliable company providing various maritime services to global shipping fraternity at Mumbai and other Indian ports. The company after making a humble beginning, progressed in leaps and bounds over the years and has come to stay as one of the most reliable and efficiently service-oriented companies in Mumbai port. The ups and downs experienced by the shipping world during the turbulent years gone-by did not deter the company from continuing its unceasing search for excellence in this specialized field.

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